All-in-one solutions

From the very beginning, we cover all aspects of the furniture shopping experience. Enable your customers to dream of their new interiors, fit your products into real space, accelerate the purchase decision. Discover our all-in-oneĀ solutions for bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobes, and videos



Inspiration Gallery

The perfect tool to make a first great impression on your visitors and grab their attention at the very beginning of the shopping experience. A big variety of interiors represented by a catalogue of high-quality images showcasing your product’s full potential. Inspire customers and let them browse a gallery of furniture combinations in loads of different styles, colours and preferences.




Product Configurator

The best way to help customers select their ideal product combination out of a bigĀ amount of elements. Get them thrilled of the possibility of configuring and personalizing the dream furniture from the comfort of their home. Allow them visualize your full product’s potential by comparing options, choosing the perfect selection and getting a cost estimation quickly.
Make your configuration process much easier for engaged customers and for visitors who are not experts on your product line.




Fun Planner

The first planner tailored to consumer needs and based on the 20/80 rule. People don’t need to have any professional skills to design their dream interiors. They can easily narrow the search to the product combination that can perfectly fit into real space. In addition, switching to 3D mode only takes a moment. The fun planner is web and tablet-optimized. Simple, fast, fun.




Sales Connection

The sales connection helps you make the sales process smoother and faster. All our solutions can be easily integrated to existing sales systems through shopping baskets. We can easily connect our modules to e-commerce platforms too. Enable your consumers to buy with confidence by taking full advantage of a seamless customer experience.